2012 Annual Trip participant reflects on her adventure to Ghana
February 28, 2013, 5:49 pm
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Each year donors and advocates join Ashesi on a memorable journey to Ghana. Ashesi had the pleasure of hosting long-time Ashesi supporter, Laurie Litwack, on our 2012 Annual Trip. Laurie is a career and wellness coach from Seattle who first heard about Ashesi when Patrick left Microsoft to pursue his vision. She has watched as his dream came to fruition over the last decade. See what Laurie had to say about her experiences on the Annual Trip.

What inspired you to go on Ashesi’s annual trip to Ghana?

Visiting Ashesi is an adventure with a purpose. You are seeing something new and great being created in Africa, which is exciting!

Laurie Litwack & Patrick AwuahWhat was your impression of campus—its culture, students, leadership?

Campus feels like an oasis. It is a place away. It stands in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, where there are lots of people, commerce, sounds and colors. Ashesi is a sort of educational oasis—it still feels African and Ghanaian, but there is a calmness. You sense that you are being welcomed to a place of learning and integrity. Visiting campus is a powerful experience.

Last year, trip participants took part in the Giving Voice to Values ethics seminar with students and faculty. What did you think of this workshop?

Giving Voice to Values gives an effective impression of the school. The issues raised were transformative, inspiring and spoke to real values and how we put them into a context—we have to live them in the world. Students brought back real experiences which forced us to clarify where does our reality lie and ask how do our values engage in the world. I loved interacting with students and faculty in personal and one on one meetings—I found this very meaningful.

If you could let a future trip participant know anything about the trip, what would you let them know?

Visiting Ghana is a fun, inspiring adventure, a chance to step into culture through the guiding hands of Ashesi and see the profound impact of students as they go into the world with the skills and integrity they are developing. You really see the vitality and diversity of the country.

Please take a look at our trip brochure and trip itinerary for more details on our 2013 Annual Trip!


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