Ashesi says goodbye to three key staff members
March 28, 2013, 7:21 pm
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This month, Ashesi said goodbye to three members of our staff. Development Director, Matthew Taggart, Computer Science professor, Dr. Astrid Larssen, and Emerita Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs, Nana Araba Apt, have retired from their posts at Ashesi. Matt and Nana were key members of Ashesi’s founding team, and helped lead the university as it transitioned from small rented buildings to a world-class permanent campus. Dr. Larssen joined Ashesi in 2007, and has become a great mentor and advisor to many of Ashesi’s students and alumni.

Reflecting on Ashesi’s early years, Dr. Awuah said, “People remark about the success of Ashesi when they visit us and see our campus, but what is often missed is the sweat, the sacrifice, and the grit of the team

that worked to build this institution, and the community that is working to preserve this legacy for future generations.”

Professor Apt, Mr. Taggart, and Dr. Larssen, thank you for your work and dedication to Ashesi over the years. You will be deeply missed!

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